SlimmingSoles™ Acupressure Orthopedic Insoles

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SlimmingSoles™ Acupressure Orthopedic Insoles is uniquely designed to relax your muscles and is very effective in the treatment of chronic lumbar sprains. At the same time, it can improve blood circulation, eliminate foot odor, foot heat, and reduce nerve pain and pressure.


SlimmingSoles™ Acupressure Orthopedic Insoles

SlimmingSoles™ Acupressure Orthopedic Insoles is of unique design, scientific construction that has a very good function for foot massage. Breathable anti-sweat and deodorant. Save not only your money, but also save time. And he is warmly welcomed by those who value their health. 


SlimmingSoles™ Acupressure Orthopedic Insoles

Balance energy in your body to reduce stress increase energy, balance mind & body, and increase fitness Relieve Overall Body Pain, Tension, Cool & Soothe Feet and Boost Endurance with Acupuncture Technology
Our magnetic orthopedic insoles have a very broad medical significance: 

1. Made of high-quality materials, durable and non-toxic.
2. These magnets emit magnetic waves that weaken fat cells in the body.
3. Walk with a magnetic insole to relieve back tension.
4. Helps increase blood circulation in the feet and relieve pain.
5. The raised areas provide arch support while the multiple holes provide ventilation to keep the feet cool.

1. Remove the current soles of your shoes. 
2. Place the new soles back to back with your current soles. 
3. If your original soles are shorter than the new insoles, you can cut the bottom of the new soles according to the size of your current insoles. 
4. Put the new insoles in your shoes. 

Easy to cut by cutting to your exact size! 

  • Size: D- Women (35-42) - Men (39-42) 
  • Doctors strongly recommend replacing your soles every 3 months to promote healthy feet.