EMS Muscle Stimulator Replacement HydroGel

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Premium Stimulator HydroGel, High conductivity and excellent adhesiveness; abs replacement pads for abs stimulator and muscle toner.

LATEX-free muscle toner replacement gel pads, comfortable and safe to use, suitable for most skins

Perfect accessory for muscle toner and Abdominal toning belt, Abs Stimulator Machine, Abdominal Toning Belt, EMS AB trainer, Waist Trimmer Belt, ABS toner body muscle trainer

Medical-grade quality Ab Stimulator gel pads will last 20 to 30 sessions if used and maintained correctly.

How To Use:

  1. Tear Off the blue covering film.
  2. Stick The Hydro Gel Pad on Device.
  3. Make sure the Gel pad is flat and smooth.
  4. Tear off the Clear protecting film.

Package Includes: 10 pairs = 20 Pads